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Another day has just gone by
Where you promised me the sky
Like so many days before
But how long can you ignore

What is already known to man
That never, neither of us can
Stand against his destiny
You were not made for me

You kiss the soil on which I thread
Embrace the air that I exhale
May I be living or be dead
Your love will prevail

I stand here with no tears to cry
No twisted tongue to speak a lie
Like so many years before
But how long can you ignore

What the world has clearly seen
All that that will be and what has been
Is defined by destiny
Made by gods, and not by me

One day you will see
I'm not your destiny
That we cannot be
As a unity

© by Thomas Rainer
Auf Deinen Schwingen - GUN Records

[Foto: ©: Mijo M. Jongebloed]


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