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My summer's worn out
And my winter's just begun
My last snow has fallen
With the dawning of the sun

I see them staring at me
With their greedy eyes
I clench my fist and hatred rises
As I fall into demise

I want to take their lives for freedom
And consume their souls for peace
A total war to find my kingdom
My total war to find release

When bones are broken, blood is spilled
by a fist that's led with force
Will the minds change bitter plans
Or continue on their course

Can the pain that one might bring
Change a state of mind
Can the taking of a live
Bring light to the blind

© by Thomas Rainer
Gezeiten - GUN Records

[Bild: Zeichnung des Covers]

Sonja Kraushofer: Gesang
Thomas Rainer: Keyboards, Programmierung

Ashley Dayour: Gitarre



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